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Poker - Moving sucks, but Final Tables are Gooood!

My 1st blog and poker bio started on May 11th if interested: 

Well I'm excited about moving into a new home for sure, esp. since where were at is so small. The new house is like 3X the size!! I was able to pick up a few things off my buddy T_dawg who happens to be moving too and move some things in early, which will be nice at least we don't have to do it all in one day.  Aside from moving gripes it definately cuts into my already part-time poker deal. I was able to squeeze in a few SNG's and a multi or 2 this week. I haven't played hardly any multi's due to the length in time it requires, but found some time on Friday and played a $55 Bounty on Ultimatebet. I actually ended up at final table and lost a critical hand with AJ vs J10.  I raised 9k/3k blinds he called from BB and flop came KQ3 he checked, I bet half pot he called. Turn came another K and he lead out 1/3 pot bet. Odd move I thought, I didn't feel it was a strong play and put him on a Q or a draw. I called and rivered an Ace. Of course the perfect card for him and luckily he only bet about 1/3 again. After that I went from 3rd to 6th and had to make a praying shove and was KO'd on a coin flip for 6th place. I believe I won about $600, which was a little bit disappointing considering I was in like 2nd to 3rd in chips that last part of the tourney which goes to show all it takes is 1 hand to kill your tournament no matter how strong of stack you have, so make sure you make the right play and probably not pussy-foot around because losing any chips at that level is deadly and theres not much turning things around. All in all I am happy to make another final table considering I don't play many multis right now, but I have had a rash of 5th-8th places over the last year and know I need to make some adjustments to either tighten up and wait for a solid shove and/or play every pot more aggressively and make those big moves when it counts and put myself in better position to be chip leader on final table.

If anyone out there has any questions or topics they would like covered please let me know. Donkeyherder

If you would like to check me out you can look me up on a few sites, shows big tournament results. I play under "Donkeyherder"(Pokerstars),"Chipstacker2000"(FULLTILT), "donkeyherder2"(ULTIMATE BET), "d0nkeyherder"(ABSOLUTE POKER), and a few others. I've never had a losing year.  I won a seat to the 2006 WSOP main event and cashed in the top 10% of the field of over 9000 players.  I've made 81 Final tables, including 11 1st's (50-1555 players). Most of the time you'll find me grinding out Sit-n-Gos.Business opportunity inquiries can reach me at:   
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