guyumu (guyumu) wrote in grindingout,

Calling the bluff

I got called 'fucking stupid' last night.
I'm glad I won the money for that hand.

Ok, Ive got pocket tens, were 5 player table,
flop comes K26 rainbow.
I pop a decent bet knowing the guy will call.
J on the turn. Still perfectly rainbow flop.
I pop the same bet, and river comes with another K.

I pop the same sized bet again, and get re-raised.

Firstly, this guy does and will bluff. If there's anyone on the table that will try to bluff, its him.
Maybe he thinks people dont see this about him.
He raised about R180, making the total pot about R570 or something.
This means that I need 30% chance of winning this hand to call...

At first I'm thinking, ok harrington's standard 10% for a bluff, he never raised me,
and he came over my head reasonbly strong, making it a hard call.
Then It came to my mind, if someone was going to push me out of a pot that I'm controlling, it would be him.
And considering that usually he plays his hands straight forward when he's winning...

It's an instant call. I dont think there would be any reason for anyone to fold this hand.
Because add equity to all the reasonings... and you sit with allot of reasons to call.

Maybe I'm wrong. Then I am 'fucking stupid'. But Ive made allot worse calls than that...
So dont see how that matters. But It was brilliant how he was pissed off for loosing
so much trying to buy the pot. And when he decided to insult me...
I just tuned him, whatever, you wont see that money again, thanx.

Last night was my first time playing R5/R10 as a serious thing.
I went with R700 to the table to be even with top stacks.
I played well, made a couple of mistakes, and left with about R1800.
Was really hoping to break over with more. But well, bad beats are unavoidable.
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