guyumu (guyumu) wrote in grindingout,

Grinding out harder...

Was at the casino again today.
Had the worse time I think ever playing cash games. Started off well with being up R1000. But leaving the table at that moment was not very easy without being a major asshole.

Eventually I was playing on the R5/R10 table again. This time with a proper buy in.
Only problem is I ran into some of the best players our country has to offer. And R5/R10 were small stakes for them.
It was a worth while experience. I did not mind at all loosing to them. But ja... loosing does suck ;)

I felt that I was very arrogant tonight. I really did well with my original R100 I put in last month.
That R100 became over R7000. And I'm glad to say that I'm well ahead, even though 2 loosing sessions at the casino in 2 weeks.
But because of my arrogance, I think I'm going to punish myself a bit.

I'm starting with R0 from today. I took my R2300 bank out of my online poker account.
Ive got enough points to play a 3PL tournament comming up on wensday. And monday there's a decent freeroll.
I'm going to live off freerolls untill I have enough to start again at the R1 tables.

If all goes well, I can say I won XXX amount of money with absolutely nothing.
And well, that's the shit :D hehe.

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