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Tournament placing...

Today I came second in the 20k tournament.
Won a decent R6200.

I decided to take this moment to move up in stakes and try out the water.
I went to the R5/R10 table and ended with a profit of R2000.

Naturally I felt the need to play the 60k tourney, and spent quite a bit on that without placing.
Bad run of cards, folded well when needed to, but that's quite useless.

I withdrew R5000 from my account. This leaves my bank at R2500.
Which is R300 better than when I started today.
I decided that I wont move up in stakes yet. And I can work my way up there.
This month Ive withdrawn R6000 from my poker account.
Last month I withdrew R11000. So my winnings in the last 2 months is quite decent :D

This saturday I went to play at the casino. I only took about R700.
The R5/R10 table was full, and went in half stacked with R500.
Dumbest move ever. I lost my R500 reasonbly quickly. I wasnt able to re-raise a hand at the right time because
of being short stacked. I ended up loosing to trip aces, which I couldve avoided preflop with a re-re-raise.
Then I moved to the R200 table and after a long while ended up with zilch.
I dont think I was in the right frame of mind. Considering Ive lost my girlfriend.

Anyways... I'll be heading there this weekend again, this time not planning on playing the R5/R10 :)

I'm thinking of splitting that R5000 withdraw to R2500 for live poker. And the other R2500 to treat myself to something.
Will have to think it through though.

Near last hand for final two in tournament...

I had 2 hearts and flop comes Kh5h5x with 2 hears. I bet, and opponent calls.
Turn comes with my flush. I know he has a king. I bet, he calls.
River comes another King. I wasnt thinking straight and went all in.
He calls with his obvious full house.
At least he shared my pain :D
But it was a real tough head's up. Definately a strong opponent that deserved being there. 
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