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Where am I and where am I going...

My winnings online since the beginning of the month is a decent R2400 ($300). Ive withdrawn R1000 sadly though but I needed some damn emergency money. Live poker play Ive won R1700 but that was used with that emergency money :) Ok, so that kinda sucks. But that's life.
I was planning to withdraw from my poker money at the end of the month though. Take some spending money out for my hard work, but this just means it came early.

Last night I played online again on the R2/R4 tables. I made a decent R680 rand. Later the night I got bored... went back to the table, and lost R480. I dont think I was concentrating, and the time I went is a bad time, because it's mostly good players playing. And that's -EV in my opinion :) But winning R200 in the end is not that bad. It's better than ending completely negative for the night. And Winning R200 is actually my daily aim for a good day. Even though it seems R600 will be a good day.

I will be going to the casino more often now. It's a bit far and costs R90 on petrol, but I think it's well worth it.
Considering I walk away positive all the time, there's no reason to hold out. I'll probably be going tomorrow night,
and then again on saturday. One of these two days my girlfriend will be joining.  We'll see how it goes I guess.

My bankroll was started with R100. And I'm proud of it being at R2400. I started it just before the end of last month.
And it's looking good so far. Hopefully it holds out.
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