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Implied odds, and the donkey hater...

I haven't played online in a long time. Yesterday was first, got a bit of food poisoning so stayed at home.

At the live tables, weve been identifying the 'internet' players. Those are the guys that get angry when they get beat.
They moan and call people donkey's for getting lucky against them.

But there is something really beautiful I saw about these 'internet' players.

If you draw out that runner runner flush on him, and on the river your made...
He pops a big bet, you re-raise.

Now he's pissed, he knows you have the flush. But he cannot resist to call you.
If you ever want implied odds... these ppl are it. The "pro" poker players.
Theyre so obsessed with people making mistakes... yet they want someone to pay them off.

Ive been playing live poker quite a huge amount for the past while.
I have had horrible beats, people drawing out with horrible hands. And people just getting plain lucky.
The thing is... so what?
If I have AA and the guy on the other side has 69 for a pair on a flop 39J all in, and he calls and hits the river...
Who cares if he wins the hand? You should congratulate him on his luck, because he got saved.
Ive learnt to be friendly on tables. Because it's these miserable square eyed guys that pay people off, or piss them off.
What's that song? "Poker is fun for everyone".

The other night, I have KT on the button. Some guy raises preflop to a lovely 10x the blinds.
But it's not the only time he's done this, he's done it a couple of times, and well he must be getting really good cards.

I give it a call, to me KT is a good hand if played right. Flop comes JQA. I knew then that this guy is dead.
He raises pot size, I call. Turn comes he raises big again. I say, ok enough now, you lost put it down. I go all in.
He calls... and he starts calling me a donkey for calling him preflop. He's absolutely pissed and doesnt shut up.

Big Portuguese guy at the table "Shut up, If I was any closer I'd slap you".
Internet player realizes that this is a live table and not online, and keeps his mouth shut.
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