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The new bank

Well, after some major technical difficulties the other night, piggs canceled their 100k 3pl tournament.
So no go on starting my bank from that.

Last night I decided I really need to get this thing going, and deposited R100 into my online account.
After grinding out, I left with a nett of R240. I withdrew my R100.
So I'm pretty much on a R0 put in account situation :D hehe.

Last night was the first time I played the R1 tables in over a months time.
It's scary how bad those players were. They pay R20 on the turn to hit their flush draws on the river.
That's absolutely nuts. I got payed off so well with my hands.

This table is an exact example of why the slow play, is a bad play.
Flop comes XKK. I raise pot size. 1 Caller.
On the turn, I raise R20, same caller.
On river he folds to another R20 bet. He had the 'x' card on the flop.
Personally I would fold to the turn bet. But this guy just felt that he could be ahead.

And boy do people think youre bluffing allot.
I flop a nut flush and there's 2 short stacks in the hand with me.
I decide to pull an overbet, and raise all in. One of them calls with their R40 with top pair, and top kicker.
Come on!!! Why on earth would I be all in on a single suited flop!?

I love it! :D hehe.

Anyways, a brilliant start for my new bank. Maybe this weekend I can bring it up to 1k and start moving up in stakes.
Would be nice to be back at my R2500 bank by end of next week.
I'm ready for those R2/4 tables again. They are soooo juicy.

I'm thinking of multi tabling when I reach R500.
But then I'll have to play in the pc room, which isnt the most cumfy place.
Maybe the pay off is worth it though. If I could cut short the time spent to get back to higher stakes,
I'd be a really happy guy.
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