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Those R5/R10 tables and discipline

I'm so tempted to reverse the withdrawal so that I can have the bank to play the R5/R10 table.
When I was playing last night the game was so easy. It was not at all as difficult as I thought,
and it pretty much falls into the category that Ive been playing.

Play at this stake I can win my current bank easily in 4 or 5 days. Probably faster.
The problem is taking a hit will be nasty. I tend to loose a full buy-in often on a table before doubling up.
That means I must be willing to wager a cool R2000. That pretty much is my current bank.

I could always be willing to loose the full 2k. Then I'll have 400 left for a session on the R2/4 tables.
If I have 2 loosing sessions in a row then I'll just use R100 to start over again.
Which really... why on earth would I want to start all that work over again?? That would be torture.

I recon if I spend my time wisely and build my bank up to R5k, then I'll take the plunge.
But it's so sad watching all that possible profit go away. Dont know... I'm still confused about it.
Discipline is the keyword here.
Discipline and patience.

I got my current bank from R100 because of Discipline and patience. Two characteristics that I'm very flawed at.
I'll be proud of I can stick to the rules :(

Tags: discipline
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