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27th October 2008

donkeyherder12:34pm: What Online Poker Site Should I Play?
I've been playing online for 6 years and have played on 6 different sites. I posted a review on these sites if anyone's looking for more info or looking to add a new poker site to your mix. http://donkeyherder.livejournal.com/2008/10/20/ Gl, Donkeyherder.

27th September 2008

donkeyherder11:14pm: Here's a link to my latest poker blog if interested
I'm always looking for some new poker friends. Here's a link to my latest blog pos if intrested. GL, Donkeyherder: http://donkeyherder.livejournal.com/9427.html

20th September 2008

donkeyherder10:29pm: Looking for poker friends
Just saying hi, looking for poker friends. I posted a new entry on my blog if your interested. http://donkeyherder.livejournal.com/2008/09/20/

8th September 2008

donkeyherder10:46am: Poker - 1st week of Sept. better than losing
Let me start by saying Enjoy life while you're young and free of responsibilities. Don't get me wrong, I'm definately living a dream in my eyes and most others. Buying my second home, living in Orange County, CA, recently new Corvette, good wife, new baby, good job, and I get to play a fair amount of poker, but add it all up and there is alot of stuff going on and crap to do.  It would be nice to be 16 or even 21 and pretty much come and go as I please. I rountinely pay for alot of things I could probably do myself, but I value my free time so much.  I guess if I was only making $9 an hour at work or cards or whatever I might not feel that way.  

In case there are those out there who are looking to make some serious money at poker just remember probably 90%+ of players out there are losing players at least eventually. Many of the so-called big name pros go bust here and there. While I have mentioned I started with only a single $100 deposit and never needed to make one ever again, I was still lucky enough to not go on a bad run and I did practice some live games and alot of play money games before I started and came up with the best strategy I could and actually stuck to my guidelines. I also read alot of books. What I'm getting at is I put in hours everyday every week like any other major hobby or profession and treated it seriously and that is what made me profitable. My first 2 years I made money grinding out hundreds of $10 sit in go''s. It wasn't anything to brag about considering how much time I put in but you gotta pay your dues. 

Enough with my mini-seminar for now, the first week of Sept. has been ok. I only got to play about 30 collective hours(multitabling hrs. added up) and made a few hundred dollars.  I continued to get sucked into trying out the double-up sng's on Cake which pay 5 outta 10 spots double their buy-in minus fees. They fill well but even the donks play tight and don't donk off their chips. I also lose one of my best plays which if chip leader to abuse all the other stacks near the bubble. In this circumstance that strategy is useless if you can't get paid any more than 5th so it's better to sit back and it then becomes a wait-a-thon and much more reliant on the cards you catch. I decided now I won't play them unless there's nothing else going or other beneficial factors. 

I worked on some of my stats and have an update on my sng cashing %'s (Again multis and double-ups, heads-ups, etc not included) Sng payouts about 30-40% so anything 40%+ would typically show a profit, 45-50% would be very good results, and 50%+ would be phenomenal and probably running hot as well:

May 08 - 118/283= 41.7%
June 08 - 58/138= 42.0%
July 08 - 86/183= 47.0%
Aug 08 - 60/118 = 50.8%
Sept 08 - 18/35 = 51.4% (So far)

I hope to keep the run going, but with minimal play anything can happen. GL all. If you have any questions or comments I'd like to help if possible.

 My 1st blog and poker bio started on May 11th if interested:  http://donkeyherder.livejournal.com/2008/05/11/ 

If you would like to check me out you can look me up on a few sites, pokerdb.com shows big tournament results. I play under "Donkeyherder"(Pokerstars),"Chipstacker2000"(FULLTILT), "donkeyherder2"(ULTIMATE BET), "d0nkeyherder"(ABSOLUTE POKER), and a few others. I've never had a losing year.  I won a seat to the 2006 WSOP main event and cashed in the top 10% of the field of over 9000 players.  I've made 81 Final tables, including 11 1st's (50-1555 players). Most of the time you'll find me grinding out Sit-n-Gos. Business opportunity inquiries can reach me at:  Donkeyherder2000@yahoo.com 

1st September 2008

donkeyherder12:26am: Poker - August not so bad considering......

My 1st blog and poker bio started on May 11th if interested:  http://donkeyherder.livejournal.com/2008/05/11/ 

Well just rounding up August, it looks like the month will be a decent success after all. I realy didn't expect to make a ton of money this month. Busy with work, moving into a new home, and a little time to play, I really kept my expectations low and was hoping to just finish positive. I ended up only playing a total of 110 hours for the month which sounds like a decent amount, but I play 2-3 sngs at a time and that time is all added together. So real time it's probably in the neighborhood of 45 hours. Before the baby came I was probably playing at least twice as much.  Oh well, I am young and have plenty of time down the road to play more later especially if I decide to go full-time pro in the next year or two. Like I mentioned on my previous post, last month I cashed 86/183=47% of my SNG's. In August, I had a pretty amazing run which I'm sure had some good luck involved, and finished August cashing 60/118=51%, which is exceptionally high at a $50-100 limit level and sng payout 30-40%. Anything 40%+ would be positive, 45% is pretty good and 50%+ is an exceptional run. 

Cake recently offered "Double up SNG's" which pay 50% 5/10 players, but you only get double your buyin back minus about 7% entry fee.  I tried a few of these out and made money, but didn't include them in my cash% stats and I don't think in the long run will pan out to make enough money for me per hour to be worth it to play. I figured even if I cashed 2 outta 3 overall, which is way hi, I'd only make like 30% per game, so unless the $75+ fill well I'll probably just use them as fillers when I can't get anything else going. I did enjoy them and was an interesting change to the avg sng. It plays alot like a multi which guarantees alot of seats in the late stages where everyone is just trying to stay alive and you have a couple renegades who get careless and attack the passive table. They're fun but we'll see.

As for multis, I only played about a dozen mid sized tourneys (100-400 players) and actually finished many of them very deep including 1 more final table (6th/200 coin flipped out), and a 16th/202 where I got screwed out (I'll save you the beat stories."

I wouldv'e liked to do more cash game play and research, but my poker tracker software didn't give me all the info I was looking for and I will have to manually pull up some of my hands and break them down further to get the data I want and it can be very time consuming. Considering how well my SNG play has been I will chip away the research and ease my way into the cash games later. I have cashed in the positive my last 8 outta 10 days and I don't feel like killing my good run by changing my game focus. I think alot of newer or osing players would fair much better if they stuck to their best type of game or two. SNG's, Cash (NL, Limit, Short handed-Long), Multi's, Holdem, Omaha, Rebuys, etc. Say maybe only 9 handed holdem SNg's and occassional small multi's and just grind it out at a small limit until they show consistent profits and slowly move up and master other games later if they prove to have more potential. Typically most players just play whatever seems fun at the time and above the limit they can beat. I'm sure it's an ego thing or people who play for fun.  It can definately get boring playing the same game over and over but if you're like me you make a game of it and try to master every element and look for and plug every leak. That's also why I would recomend 1 game 75% of the time, your 2nd best game 15-20% of the time and rarely mix in a random game at lower limits to look for better opportunities. Lets face it the game is tougher these days and you need to find a niche to really on a steady winning return on in case of a bad run.

Next month will probably be more of the same. I will probably start playing a little bigger since my bankroll has increased $70-100 with a few $200's mixed in here and there if things continue well and maybe in a couple months I'll be ready to play strictly $100's+ Sng's. Things have been good, but I won't push it. I'm feeling a bit luckier than usual and don't want to get ahead of myself. If anyone out there has any questions or topics they would like covered please let me know. Donkeyherder

If you would like to check me out you can look me up on a few sites, pokerdb.com shows big tournament results. I play under "Donkeyherder"(Pokerstars),"Chipstacker2000"(FULLTILT), "donkeyherder2"(ULTIMATE BET), "d0nkeyherder"(ABSOLUTE POKER), and a few others. I've never had a losing year.  I won a seat to the 2006 WSOP main event and cashed in the top 10% of the field of over 9000 players.  I've made 81 Final tables, including 11 1st's (50-1555 players). Most of the time you'll find me grinding out Sit-n-Gos.Business opportunity inquiries can reach me at:  Donkeyherder2000@yahoo.com 

25th August 2008

donkeyherder12:28am: Poker - Moving sucks, but Final Tables are Gooood!
My 1st blog and poker bio started on May 11th if interested:  http://donkeyherder.livejournal.com/2008/05/11/ 

Well I'm excited about moving into a new home for sure, esp. since where were at is so small. The new house is like 3X the size!! I was able to pick up a few things off my buddy T_dawg who happens to be moving too and move some things in early, which will be nice at least we don't have to do it all in one day.  Aside from moving gripes it definately cuts into my already part-time poker deal. I was able to squeeze in a few SNG's and a multi or 2 this week. I haven't played hardly any multi's due to the length in time it requires, but found some time on Friday and played a $55 Bounty on Ultimatebet. I actually ended up at final table and lost a critical hand with AJ vs J10.  I raised 9k/3k blinds he called from BB and flop came KQ3 he checked, I bet half pot he called. Turn came another K and he lead out 1/3 pot bet. Odd move I thought, I didn't feel it was a strong play and put him on a Q or a draw. I called and rivered an Ace. Of course the perfect card for him and luckily he only bet about 1/3 again. After that I went from 3rd to 6th and had to make a praying shove and was KO'd on a coin flip for 6th place. I believe I won about $600, which was a little bit disappointing considering I was in like 2nd to 3rd in chips that last part of the tourney which goes to show all it takes is 1 hand to kill your tournament no matter how strong of stack you have, so make sure you make the right play and probably not pussy-foot around because losing any chips at that level is deadly and theres not much turning things around. All in all I am happy to make another final table considering I don't play many multis right now, but I have had a rash of 5th-8th places over the last year and know I need to make some adjustments to either tighten up and wait for a solid shove and/or play every pot more aggressively and make those big moves when it counts and put myself in better position to be chip leader on final table.

If anyone out there has any questions or topics they would like covered please let me know. Donkeyherder

If you would like to check me out you can look me up on a few sites, pokerdb.com shows big tournament results. I play under "Donkeyherder"(Pokerstars),"Chipstacker2000"(FULLTILT), "donkeyherder2"(ULTIMATE BET), "d0nkeyherder"(ABSOLUTE POKER), and a few others. I've never had a losing year.  I won a seat to the 2006 WSOP main event and cashed in the top 10% of the field of over 9000 players.  I've made 81 Final tables, including 11 1st's (50-1555 players). Most of the time you'll find me grinding out Sit-n-Gos.Business opportunity inquiries can reach me at:   

12th September 2007

guyumu1:29pm: Implied odds, and the donkey hater...
I haven't played online in a long time. Yesterday was first, got a bit of food poisoning so stayed at home.

At the live tables, weve been identifying the 'internet' players. Those are the guys that get angry when they get beat.
They moan and call people donkey's for getting lucky against them.

But there is something really beautiful I saw about these 'internet' players.

If you draw out that runner runner flush on him, and on the river your made...
He pops a big bet, you re-raise.

Now he's pissed, he knows you have the flush. But he cannot resist to call you.
If you ever want implied odds... these ppl are it. The "pro" poker players.
Theyre so obsessed with people making mistakes... yet they want someone to pay them off.

Ive been playing live poker quite a huge amount for the past while.
I have had horrible beats, people drawing out with horrible hands. And people just getting plain lucky.
The thing is... so what?
If I have AA and the guy on the other side has 69 for a pair on a flop 39J all in, and he calls and hits the river...
Who cares if he wins the hand? You should congratulate him on his luck, because he got saved.
Ive learnt to be friendly on tables. Because it's these miserable square eyed guys that pay people off, or piss them off.
What's that song? "Poker is fun for everyone".

The other night, I have KT on the button. Some guy raises preflop to a lovely 10x the blinds.
But it's not the only time he's done this, he's done it a couple of times, and well he must be getting really good cards.

I give it a call, to me KT is a good hand if played right. Flop comes JQA. I knew then that this guy is dead.
He raises pot size, I call. Turn comes he raises big again. I say, ok enough now, you lost put it down. I go all in.
He calls... and he starts calling me a donkey for calling him preflop. He's absolutely pissed and doesnt shut up.

Big Portuguese guy at the table "Shut up, If I was any closer I'd slap you".
Internet player realizes that this is a live table and not online, and keeps his mouth shut.

7th September 2007

guyumu1:53pm: Calling the bluff
I got called 'fucking stupid' last night.
I'm glad I won the money for that hand.

Ok, Ive got pocket tens, were 5 player table,
flop comes K26 rainbow.
I pop a decent bet knowing the guy will call.
J on the turn. Still perfectly rainbow flop.
I pop the same bet, and river comes with another K.

I pop the same sized bet again, and get re-raised.

Firstly, this guy does and will bluff. If there's anyone on the table that will try to bluff, its him.
Maybe he thinks people dont see this about him.
He raised about R180, making the total pot about R570 or something.
This means that I need 30% chance of winning this hand to call...

At first I'm thinking, ok harrington's standard 10% for a bluff, he never raised me,
and he came over my head reasonbly strong, making it a hard call.
Then It came to my mind, if someone was going to push me out of a pot that I'm controlling, it would be him.
And considering that usually he plays his hands straight forward when he's winning...

It's an instant call. I dont think there would be any reason for anyone to fold this hand.
Because add equity to all the reasonings... and you sit with allot of reasons to call.

Maybe I'm wrong. Then I am 'fucking stupid'. But Ive made allot worse calls than that...
So dont see how that matters. But It was brilliant how he was pissed off for loosing
so much trying to buy the pot. And when he decided to insult me...
I just tuned him, whatever, you wont see that money again, thanx.

Last night was my first time playing R5/R10 as a serious thing.
I went with R700 to the table to be even with top stacks.
I played well, made a couple of mistakes, and left with about R1800.
Was really hoping to break over with more. But well, bad beats are unavoidable.

27th July 2007

guyumu2:41pm: The new bank
Well, after some major technical difficulties the other night, piggs canceled their 100k 3pl tournament.
So no go on starting my bank from that.

Last night I decided I really need to get this thing going, and deposited R100 into my online account.
After grinding out, I left with a nett of R240. I withdrew my R100.
So I'm pretty much on a R0 put in account situation :D hehe.

Last night was the first time I played the R1 tables in over a months time.
It's scary how bad those players were. They pay R20 on the turn to hit their flush draws on the river.
That's absolutely nuts. I got payed off so well with my hands.

This table is an exact example of why the slow play, is a bad play.
Flop comes XKK. I raise pot size. 1 Caller.
On the turn, I raise R20, same caller.
On river he folds to another R20 bet. He had the 'x' card on the flop.
Personally I would fold to the turn bet. But this guy just felt that he could be ahead.

And boy do people think youre bluffing allot.
I flop a nut flush and there's 2 short stacks in the hand with me.
I decide to pull an overbet, and raise all in. One of them calls with their R40 with top pair, and top kicker.
Come on!!! Why on earth would I be all in on a single suited flop!?

I love it! :D hehe.

Anyways, a brilliant start for my new bank. Maybe this weekend I can bring it up to 1k and start moving up in stakes.
Would be nice to be back at my R2500 bank by end of next week.
I'm ready for those R2/4 tables again. They are soooo juicy.

I'm thinking of multi tabling when I reach R500.
But then I'll have to play in the pc room, which isnt the most cumfy place.
Maybe the pay off is worth it though. If I could cut short the time spent to get back to higher stakes,
I'd be a really happy guy.

22nd July 2007

guyumu2:29am: Grinding out harder...
Was at the casino again today.
Had the worse time I think ever playing cash games. Started off well with being up R1000. But leaving the table at that moment was not very easy without being a major asshole.

Eventually I was playing on the R5/R10 table again. This time with a proper buy in.
Only problem is I ran into some of the best players our country has to offer. And R5/R10 were small stakes for them.
It was a worth while experience. I did not mind at all loosing to them. But ja... loosing does suck ;)

I felt that I was very arrogant tonight. I really did well with my original R100 I put in last month.
That R100 became over R7000. And I'm glad to say that I'm well ahead, even though 2 loosing sessions at the casino in 2 weeks.
But because of my arrogance, I think I'm going to punish myself a bit.

I'm starting with R0 from today. I took my R2300 bank out of my online poker account.
Ive got enough points to play a 3PL tournament comming up on wensday. And monday there's a decent freeroll.
I'm going to live off freerolls untill I have enough to start again at the R1 tables.

If all goes well, I can say I won XXX amount of money with absolutely nothing.
And well, that's the shit :D hehe.


19th July 2007

guyumu4:08pm: Beating a straight with a set
Ive been thinking about a hand that I played the other night allot.

I'm on the button, dealt 55 on a R5/R10 table.
4 of us on a flop of 2s5h3s.
Everyone checks to me.

I raise to +-R60. And get one caller.

Turn comes Qs.

The caller raises to R100.
I think for a while, and raise him to R250.

He uses his time bank and spends a whole minute thinking. Asks whether I have a flush,
silence from me, he folds.
He folded A4, he flopped a straight. He was quite pissed about his fold.

I raised to R250 on the turn with a very likely loosing hand.
Am I nuts?

The odds for being dealt a pocket pair - 16:1
Odds flopping a straight - 75:1 (apparently I think it's more like 120:1)
Odds of flopping a set - 7.5:1

Some bad maths here to put it all together...
16*75*7.5 = 9000
That gives me the idea that sitting on a table with a straight draw, and someone having it while I'm holding my set is little.
I'm only going to have this hand once in a while.  I could probably make these odds worse by adding more things, but let's skip that.

In the end, someone tried to slow play his straight on a table representing a flush draw.
If he re-raised me the right amount, and the flush came to the table, he would have allot better knowledge of what's going on.
But because he just called me on the flop... he was blind.

Why my turn bet?
I felt this guy might have a flush. Considering he suddenly bet out.
But I tried betting out a possible flush on the flop. So does this guy have a flush? How strong is it?
Does he have a straight? Some people like slow playing a flopped straight.
Does he have top pair? AA KK? Considering he just slow played me... unless he was drawing on a flush...

So I make a strong re-raise. Why the hell so much!?
Well... MOST people want to get as much money in the pot when they have the best hand. It's extremely straight forward.
There's a couple of ways they do this, by calling down bets, or finding the right time to all in or raise big.

The bet is supposed to make him react in such a way as to say what he has.
If he folds, he feels weak. If he calls, he feels weak or strong, if he re-raises again, he feels strong.

Someone can feel strong or weak when bluffing... so the signs I guess are situational.

Thing is, if he called me. I need to be worried too much. There's a significant chance that if he calls me,
that on the river he'll check. This will allow me to check and get a cheap showdown against what could be a better hand.

I would avoid betting the river, this guy is here for a reason. If he's bluffing, he was dumb enough to call the re-raise.
I would avoid calling a bet on the river too though. Depending on the size though.

If he bets the river, he's not messing around. If the bet's huge, it's either still a bluff, or he really does have a very good hand.
If he bet's a smallish bet, it could be to get more in the pot, or to try and prevent me from going over his head again.
If that bet size is reasonable I would consider calling it. But if it's too strong I would easily just fold.

A big bet on the river is either a dangerous bluff, or a monster hand that's both worthwhile folding to.
But it just doesn't matter to me if he's pulling a good bluff. If there's nothing else that helps to point to a bluff,
I cant find a reason to consider a call out.

In the end, the raise on the turn shows value, because the opponent could fold because he has the straight, and not the flush.
He could fold because he had AA and was trying to see where he stands.

It also gives me more information. Someone that's still coming along for the ride is married to that hand.
If I bet the river it will be called. And who would be calling a heavy bet on the river? Usually the nuts.

The question is, would I re-raise if the flush did not show?
I cant see any reason to call, unless I want to take the risk to see if the river might help me.
I do have 10 outs, (to pair the board or 4ofkind). So... sometimes the right bet would help.

I would call if I feel the chances are good I wont get raised on the river. Or a very strong raise for that matter.
But this hand had no way of giving me enough information to know.

My turn re-raise would give me good information in all situations.

Anyways... kinda random, but that's what Ive been thinking bout the hand.
To me it just shows that raising/re-raising is extremely important.
That same night I held JJ on a AKQ flop. I re-raised a raiser, he folded his JJ.
He said afterwards he considered popping a re-raise over me. But in the end, we were in the same boat on different sides.
He's second re-raise wouldve got me to fold. And we both played the hand correctly in the end.

But... sometimes it doesnt hurt to just fold a hand. Depending on your opponent you might just want to fold to a raise on the flop, or the turn.
I guess it's always about finding the right time to do the right thing :D not the wrong time to do the right thing.

18th July 2007

guyumu11:56am: Those R5/R10 tables and discipline
I'm so tempted to reverse the withdrawal so that I can have the bank to play the R5/R10 table.
When I was playing last night the game was so easy. It was not at all as difficult as I thought,
and it pretty much falls into the category that Ive been playing.

Play at this stake I can win my current bank easily in 4 or 5 days. Probably faster.
The problem is taking a hit will be nasty. I tend to loose a full buy-in often on a table before doubling up.
That means I must be willing to wager a cool R2000. That pretty much is my current bank.

I could always be willing to loose the full 2k. Then I'll have 400 left for a session on the R2/4 tables.
If I have 2 loosing sessions in a row then I'll just use R100 to start over again.
Which really... why on earth would I want to start all that work over again?? That would be torture.

I recon if I spend my time wisely and build my bank up to R5k, then I'll take the plunge.
But it's so sad watching all that possible profit go away. Dont know... I'm still confused about it.
Discipline is the keyword here.
Discipline and patience.

I got my current bank from R100 because of Discipline and patience. Two characteristics that I'm very flawed at.
I'll be proud of I can stick to the rules :(


17th July 2007

guyumu10:50pm: Tournament placing...
Today I came second in the 20k tournament.
Won a decent R6200.

I decided to take this moment to move up in stakes and try out the water.
I went to the R5/R10 table and ended with a profit of R2000.

Naturally I felt the need to play the 60k tourney, and spent quite a bit on that without placing.
Bad run of cards, folded well when needed to, but that's quite useless.

I withdrew R5000 from my account. This leaves my bank at R2500.
Which is R300 better than when I started today.
I decided that I wont move up in stakes yet. And I can work my way up there.
This month Ive withdrawn R6000 from my poker account.
Last month I withdrew R11000. So my winnings in the last 2 months is quite decent :D

This saturday I went to play at the casino. I only took about R700.
The R5/R10 table was full, and went in half stacked with R500.
Dumbest move ever. I lost my R500 reasonbly quickly. I wasnt able to re-raise a hand at the right time because
of being short stacked. I ended up loosing to trip aces, which I couldve avoided preflop with a re-re-raise.
Then I moved to the R200 table and after a long while ended up with zilch.
I dont think I was in the right frame of mind. Considering Ive lost my girlfriend.

Anyways... I'll be heading there this weekend again, this time not planning on playing the R5/R10 :)

I'm thinking of splitting that R5000 withdraw to R2500 for live poker. And the other R2500 to treat myself to something.
Will have to think it through though.

Near last hand for final two in tournament...

I had 2 hearts and flop comes Kh5h5x with 2 hears. I bet, and opponent calls.
Turn comes with my flush. I know he has a king. I bet, he calls.
River comes another King. I wasnt thinking straight and went all in.
He calls with his obvious full house.
At least he shared my pain :D
But it was a real tough head's up. Definately a strong opponent that deserved being there. 

11th July 2007

guyumu1:55pm: Where am I and where am I going...
My winnings online since the beginning of the month is a decent R2400 ($300). Ive withdrawn R1000 sadly though but I needed some damn emergency money. Live poker play Ive won R1700 but that was used with that emergency money :) Ok, so that kinda sucks. But that's life.
I was planning to withdraw from my poker money at the end of the month though. Take some spending money out for my hard work, but this just means it came early.

Last night I played online again on the R2/R4 tables. I made a decent R680 rand. Later the night I got bored... went back to the table, and lost R480. I dont think I was concentrating, and the time I went is a bad time, because it's mostly good players playing. And that's -EV in my opinion :) But winning R200 in the end is not that bad. It's better than ending completely negative for the night. And Winning R200 is actually my daily aim for a good day. Even though it seems R600 will be a good day.

I will be going to the casino more often now. It's a bit far and costs R90 on petrol, but I think it's well worth it.
Considering I walk away positive all the time, there's no reason to hold out. I'll probably be going tomorrow night,
and then again on saturday. One of these two days my girlfriend will be joining.  We'll see how it goes I guess.

My bankroll was started with R100. And I'm proud of it being at R2400. I started it just before the end of last month.
And it's looking good so far. Hopefully it holds out.
guyumu1:44pm: Grinding it out...
I thought I'd unclog my journal and post my nonsense here.

This 'community' is about the work and life of managing a bankroll, progress and so forth.
Whether someone reads this or not, this is at least a motivation for me to keep up working on my bankroll
rather than wasting it. Idea's and tools and what not.

I'm not a pro or think I'm a pro. I think I have allot to learn and know very little.
After all, Ive been playing six months now. I'm going to get things wrong.
I'll probably loose the bankroll eventually and have to start over.
But that's a good thing... if I learn something from it.

Anyways... yea.
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